Lovewood Custom Home Furnishings has a passion for using wood to create beautiful items that will stand the test of time.

I not only have gift and table top items for sale, but will help design a new piece of furniture you have in mind. Whether it is that just right table to fit your whole family, or a small nook that needs a specific piece, Lovewood can help design and then build your unique piece of furniture.  That same process holds true for gift items.


As a mother of boys, I have always been struck by how hard it is to find good gift items for men, starting with the pre-teen years.  Most items on their lists will come and go, but I want to offer items that will be passed on for generations.  It is from this search that I began making the dresser valets, humidors, carving boards and lamps.


Each item fulfills a practical need while maintaining a natural beauty.    It is in this combination you find items that will be treasured for generations.  It is my pleasure to bring those items to life for you.


Please be sure to click through the photo gallery to see some samples of recent work.